#67 Transforming the Face of Port Moresby

A concerted energy is blowing through the historic streets of Port Moresby, transforming the once derelict Down Town Precinct into the site of future commerce.

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#64 Is Port Moresby About To Come Alive?

What makes a city come alive?

Or rather, I should ask why
– Why would we want a city to come alive?

Maybe the second question is easier to answer.

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#63: Walking the Tropics is not at all pleasant.

If you haven’t already, you should follow the Guardian’s Cities’ series talking about all things cities – a fantastic resource for spreading thoughtful insights about our urban built environment.

A recent article from the series that caught my attention featured a compilation of stories about people walking their neighbourhoods in their respective cities. As a self confessed urbanist, I revelled in these stories, reminiscing about the days I used to walk all the time.

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