#9 Forgetting How To Cry.

Forgetting How To Cry

A sadness fell over me when I forgot how to cry,

a bird with clipped wings watching the sky.

The yearning for a tear to fall from my eye.

If only just one.

A cannonball falling, if but gracefully,

Release of a torrent, if only by a drip.

How I yearn for it to fill and overwhelm me,

weaken my knees and choke me.

So forgive me when I get angry.

Frustrated.  Bitter.  Distant.

I just wanna’ remember how to cry.

-by Hans Lee

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#5 Building Regional Economies for Young Guns: Part 1 The Leaving

It was the last conversation we were to have for a while. Like we had done many times before, I brought the finest $10 bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon while she made dinner. It was a ritual too customary to ignore because for friends who saw each other so infrequently, we needed a routine to bring familiarity.

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