#61: P in PNG: The Second Coming

It’s the week of Independence.

A young mother, elegantly attired in her PNG meri-blouse, huddles amongst the murmur of other young parents under a tent at the Gerehu Hospital.

With all her attention, she watches the nurse-meri, her eyes trailing every movement of the nurse as she squeezes two drops of a liquid into the pinched mouth of her four year old son.

She exhales in relief knowing that the monster lurking in the dark won’t take her son. At least, not this one.

-Hans Lee

AS we settle into the days after our 43rd Independence festivities, we will be confronted with the dawning reality that may haunt us more in weeks to come.

No, it’s not APEC 2018. And it’s not the nervous toea-clanking at the bottom of the governments empty purse.

It is something much, much, worse.

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#58 Dear Pom Siti Road Vendors

Originally Published on Twitter:

Dear Pom Siti Road Vendors,

Thank you for the smuk na buai.

The kulau.

The galip nut.

Na peanut.
Thank you for the deer antler.

The Nius-Pepa na GoGo Cola.

The 6 ft mirror.

Steering wheel cover, Dark Specs na Air Freshner.
Always and forever,

Stuck’n Traphic