#16 Big Bel, Pig Bel

I believe that PNG is on the cusp of one of the biggest epidemics of our short modern history. We unknowingly wondered into the era of preventable lifestyle diseases. Eating surgery foods, having high cholesterol diets, and worse still, normalising obesity as an image of success! The saddest thing is that it is affecting our young business and aspiring political leaders. 

I will present imagery to question our own unwitting validation and seemingly present comment on a new narrative about a changing culture. You can decide what that change is but I think the hope is in what the girl says and what the kids are asked to remember.

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#12 Letters to Uncle MP

On the eve of Papua New Guinea’s 2017 National Elections, I find myself reflecting a lot more on the realities of being a public politician in Papua New Guinea. The nuances and ironies that the politicians have to deal with is disconcerting.

I often criticise without understanding why people do what they do. There must be a reason for every rhyme. Think about it, serving the interests of a nation where they should think of me first because I voted for them.

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