#26: An Opinion – Cairns on the up? Maybe

The winds of change

gather momentum.

Seaward fronds

bristling in the breeze,

leave all trace

of yesterdays behind them.

When cyclone winds

arrive in tandem.

– Hans Lee-

There is a lot to say about change in our part of the world, it happens when we least expect it but faster then we would have otherwise anticipated. It’s the curse of the orchestrated laissez faire lifestyle we enjoy in the Far North Queensland.

Though little doubt can now be cast upon our little city in the north that the winds of change are blowing again. Some may even argue at gale force.

There is just that much happening around Cairns that anyone who wishes for the past would be sourly disappointed that Cairns is growing up fast. Images of the once thriving fishing port are a distant memory as we continuously (re)define ourselves as an eco-tourism friendly region – or perhaps something more.

Flurry of Optimism

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#22: Youtube Explains: Gulf States Division

If you have been paying attention to the most stable economies in the Middle East, you would have heard of the Gulf States having a fallout following statements made in May by Qatari Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani. Link Here by The Gaurdian.


Let’s just see what will happen.


Hans Lee

#21 Cairns Major Murals Project Info Evening

For all my artistically inclined friends in Cairns.  The Cairns Regional Council are about to launch their Major Murals Project and are opening up an info session on Tuesday 27th June 2017 at the Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre. 

RSVP to Simon Suckling.

Email: s.suckling@cairns.qld.gov.au

Paint it up! 

– Hans Lee

#5 Building Regional Economies for Young Guns: Part 1 The Leaving

It was the last conversation we were to have for a while. Like we had done many times before, I brought the finest $10 bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon while she made dinner. It was a ritual too customary to ignore because for friends who saw each other so infrequently, we needed a routine to bring familiarity.

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