#58 Dear Pom Siti Road Vendors

Originally Published on Twitter:

Dear Pom Siti Road Vendors,

Thank you for the smuk na buai.

The kulau.

The galip nut.

Na peanut.
Thank you for the deer antler.

The Nius-Pepa na GoGo Cola.

The 6 ft mirror.

Steering wheel cover, Dark Specs na Air Freshner.
Always and forever,

Stuck’n Traphic 


#48 – Music- Homebrew Crew Sundae Sessions

I first came across  the members of the Homebrew Crew jamming at some random bar in Auckland’s Queen Street many (many) moons ago when they had another concept ensemble called @peace (seriously dope sound). Naturally, the music and their flow appealed to me and has left an impression ever since. Close to a decade later, I still find myself scavenging through the halls of Youtube to pick out their sounds.

This is one particular session I come back to time and time again. A live recording at the Red Bull Studios in Auckland called the ‘Sundae Sessions’. The lyrics are loaded but it goes well hand in hand with a beer on a Sunday afternoon.

Enjoy the listening.


Just for the record – I highly rate underground Kiwi Hip Hop. I don’t rate underground Australian Hip Hop sound though, I’ve always found the annoyingly too accent heavy. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it’s just a personal preference.