#74 Paperless Poetry

Paperless poetry is more than words.

It’s the dawn dancing atop the sea
The silhouettes beyond that
The stars when the moon leaves
And the rain on thatched roofs.

The sound of home after the longest time.

It’s the smile from across the room
It’s the silence that erupts in laughter
The first hand to touch
The first step of life
Forgetting to say it
And remembering moments.

It’s the last moment of a life lived.

It’s the inconsolable heartache.

It’s the price for not knowing what to say.

It is the one thing this pen can never put into words-
Paperless poetry

-Hans Lee

This poem is about, as my mate Jess puts it, “the tiny, beautiful, blink and they are gone things”. It really is. I have been writing quite a bit but not putting pen to paper – just leaving words in my phone. That made me wonder why I had not engaged with paper in a while. I think it is a fear of not being able to capture it all, which in itself is silly because you’d just end up writing more. So in this poem, I tried to ask ‘what are we trying capture when we write?’

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