#64. Basket and House: How I think of Economies.

People often talk about the economy like it is one large basket where we all dip into and take out off. If it’s empty we all suffer and if it is full we all benefit. 

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#64 Is Port Moresby About To Come Alive?

What makes a city come alive?

Or rather, I should ask why
– Why would we want a city to come alive?

Maybe the second question is easier to answer.

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#63: Walking the Tropics is not at all pleasant.

If you haven’t already, you should follow the Guardian’s Cities’ series talking about all things cities – a fantastic resource for spreading thoughtful insights about our urban built environment.

A recent article from the series that caught my attention featured a compilation of stories about people walking their neighbourhoods in their respective cities. As a self confessed urbanist, I revelled in these stories, reminiscing about the days I used to walk all the time.

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