#53 What can a Liklik Bisnis get from a Visa Debit Card?

I’m am really proud of my aunty and her liklik bisnis so I don’t want her to waste time doing unproductive things.

My aunty bakes cakes on the side of her full time job. In her little kitchen, she sits with her cake mixer she picked up from Brian Bell and with my uncles help, they sift flour, mix sugar and peel the banana’s they picked up together from Lae Main Market after work. 

My 11 year old cousin sister sits in front of the TV watching Filipino Shows while rubbing butter on the 10 trays that will be used tonight. My 18 year old cousin works on his homework because his job comes later in the evening to cut and wrap the cakes.

Dinner comes early because by 7pm, the house is a bakery that closes when the last batch of cakes are cut, wrapped, and packed away.

This is the routine of a liklik bisnis in my aunty’s house. 

One night after the last batch of cakes were in the oven baking, my aunty and I went out to the hauswin to sit na mauswara nambaut.

We began talking about bisnis and trading when she became curious to know how I had just managed to purchase a whole bunch of things online that were delivered to us through DHL.

So I began to explain about the wonders of the internet and my BSP Visa Debit Card.

BSP Visa Debit Cards, now with Visa Paywave!

“Mi tu gat Visa Debit Card!”, she snapped and ran inside, emerging moments later with her purse and a card in her hand.

Indeed it was a Visa Debit Card. She had signed up for it when she started banking with one of the other big banks.

But she insisted she had never used it. Three years it sat in her purse. She admitted that she still didn’t really understand how to use it.

Em fret so em lusim nating stap.

Mi stress out na tokim em, “Aunty!  Disla Visa Debit Card em rot blo yu lo baim samting lo intanet.”  

A look of confusion rested on her face. 

“Yu liklik bisnis meri yah, yu mas usim!” 

Mi wari lo wanem, she was paying fees on the facility she rarely made use off.  

She was a liklik bisnis meri with cash coming in but was leaking it out through unnecessary holes in her money box.

She could have been used the Visa Debit Card to do a lot of productive things for herself!

With the Visa Debit Facility she could purchase things online. She could have bought stuff from overseas to sell PNG, a practice called diversificationwokim ol narapla kain bisnis – or buy stuff for her business to add value to her bisnis. 

Dad suddenly called and broke our conversation.

Dad needed to travel from Port Moresby to Wewak for an urgent work trip the next day and wanted me to book his tickets saying he was in the middle of a meeting right then.

So I used this as an example to demonstrate the power of the Visa Debit Card.

 “Aunty, lukim,” I told her, “Nau yet mit’la sindaun lo hauswin ba’ mi baim tiket blo daddy lo go lo Wewak tumoro.”

Sitting there, I picked up my phone, topped up K10 using my BSP Mobile Phone Banking service, bought a K10 1 Gig for 3 Hours Digicel Plan and proceeded to surf the internet. 

In the peace of the hauswin, we checked Air Niugini flights and then PNG Air flights from Port Moresby to Wewak. Air Niugini was all booked out for the last minute flight so we ended up picking a seat on PNG Air.

Ten (10) minutes after comparing the prices and flights, I told my Aunty, “Ok lukim, nau bai mi usim BSP Visa Debit Card blo mi lo baim balus blo daddy”. 

And so I did.

From my phone, I entered the passenger details. My email. Confirmed the details. Clicked next. Went to the Payment Gateway and entered my Visa Debit Card Details. Confirmed payment and in five minutes that whole transaction was done.

“Lukim. Esi!”

“Eeeee,”, she blurted. “Tru tru Hans! Em isi tru yah!”.

“Mi no nid lo go sanap lo lain mo lo baim ol tiket blo balus”.

The email confirming dads details popped up on my phone and with a flick of the screen, I forwarded it off to dad. He called 10 minutes later to confirm he got the ticket and would transfer the dinau moni over to my account later using his BSP Phone Banking.

My aunty sat there. Ting-ting blo em sot. She was trying to understand the ease of it all. The amount of time we had just saved and all from the comfort of the hauswin.

I then called out to my cousins and told them to bring their tablets. I tethered the remaining data I had on my phone and we watched Youtube Videos about music, news, and Filipino shows.

I rarely stand in lines to book tickets anymore, if I don’t need to. I wanted my aunty tu lo kisim disla ol benefit. 


As a small business person, time is better spent doing the really critical things and waiting in lines to book tickets for the balus is something I don’t think is critical anymore so I tried to get her to appreciate the value of a Visa Debit Card.

As an update, she recently booked tickets online for her family to Travel to Australia for a Christmas holiday.

She baked her way to Australia!


@ Hans Lee

The real story has been altered for literary effect.

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