#36 A New Turn

Hey friends,

I am almost 30, though it feels as if though I have been ‘almost 30’ for a while now, I actually have another 2 years left tied up on two projects that are going well so far.

Turning 30 doesn’t really doesn’t mean much beyond the fact that it spells the end of my 20s. But that has nothing to do with this post.

The last couple of months has led me down a journey that is only starting to make sense to me know, and I am noticing it in my writing.

Irking it’s way out of my mind and through my fingers, a theme is evolving that has taken on a life of its own. It, perhaps hints at a shift within me that I have not yet realised, but my writing is revealing certain truths to me that I am finding peace with sharing. 

I believe what my writers voice is communicating is my journey home and a search for belonging – hence my revolving titles about the journey back home. 

Many of these writings came to me in staggered sittings over endless cups of coffee. They have both shocked and overwhelmed me, hence it is a theme I appreciate because it all came organically after a hiatus from writing.

I am quite excited about where this rather organic theme will lead me in 2018. Hopefully it will make more sense to me the further I explore it. Who knows, it may even preempt a pivotal moment that I cannot quite see yet!

In hopes that you all join me in my journey back home,


Hans Lee

 – Enjoy your cup of coffee!

Ps the header image has nothing to do with this post. It was just an image that popped up that looked interesting.

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