#18 Failure on the Trodden Path

(Updated to include Business Insider insights on 15th August 2017)

I am always fascinated by the weight of criticism offered to those who found ways to become successful in life.  This piece of prose that lyrically explores the mentioned theme of how we swallow success when it looks different to how we imagined it to look.

Failure on the Trodden Path. 

As children, we are encouraged to stick to the well trodden path.                                               The tested and tried path.                                                                                                              Risk naught and lose not, path.

Because playing by the rules means success is guaranteed.                                                      The narrower the road – more definite the destination.

Remember these lies littered through these line:

“Failure is a medal worn by those who tried too hard.                                                           And mediocre is ok because average is good enough.”

Because failure is a weight heavier then gold or silver.                                                         And we’d rather make the route lighter for travellers yet to leave,                                     reciting proverbial scales to lift them from our fears:

“The cat had nine lives but curiosity was its undoing.”                                                              “So don’t be too curious, its slippery near the edges.”                                                             “And damnit stop asking why                                                                                                           because I don’t have all the answers!”                                                                                         “but stick to the path                                                                                                                           and play by the rules.                                                                                                             Life gets easier dancing                                                                                                                         to someone else’s tune.”


For those who walk off that beat-up trodden path,                                                                         let them be exceptions we can’t out class.                                                                                       But I can’t accept them,                                                                                                                   they break our rules.                                                                                                                     Forge their own path                                                                                                                         and re-write their own rules.

Success for them hang like olympic medals,                                                                           make my failures seem an unholy burden.                                                                                   And I cannot understand then                                                                                                       why I’m the one who’s struggling.

Success was guaranteed on my trodden path!

I’m the one who struggled down that trodden path.                                                                     The tried and tested path.                                                                                                                 Risk naught and lose not, path.

Because as children, we are encouraged to stick to the well trodden path.

-Hans Lee

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